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  • God’s great Gospel Commission FINISHED!

Fifteen languages and counting are waiting for it, waiting to hear, waiting to see, waiting to experience a personal encounter with God.  They are asking for a quality video Bible study in their own language, and God is about to provide the miracle – through you and QuestLine Productions.

Modeling the same system that has already won hundreds of souls to Christ, our new series, I Met God, will provide them with a Bible study for every week of the year in four topical mini-series; I Met the God of Scienceof Healthof Prophecy and of Relationship.  This series can easily be re-produced in any language with indigenous speakers and culturally relevant graphics at a fraction of normal production costs.  We are well on the way with scripts being written, some vital equipment purchased, and the studio under construction, all thanks to the support of our faithful partners.

Jesus promised He would return as soon as the Gospel is carried to all nations. With everything currently going on in the world, completing this mission has never been more urgent than it is right now!  Time is of the essence; the prophetic clock is ticking! What’s more, they are ASKING, asking for the tools they will use to reach their own people, in their own language.

The Great Gospel Commission is to every nation, tongue and people.  Let’s do it together!  Let’s get the job done!  Let’s do something that has never been done in any other generation.

Will you uphold us with your prayers?  Will you help us crowdsource this new series?  No amount is too large or too small.  And, on behalf of those who are waiting, thank you!

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