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I Met God Project

What happens when you have an authentic rendezvous with the God of relationships, health, science, and prophecy? From the start, your life changes in a marked way! You have myriad reasons to trust God and to love Him and others resolutely. The more you come to know this awesome Being, the more a meaningful peace, joy, and happiness permeates your soul. Finally, you are compelled to share this love with everyone you encounter.

Because of the success of Thunder in the Holy Land, 12 language groups (and counting), have requested a Bible study recorded in their native tongues. To this end, the QuestLine Production board voted to create an all-new four-part series titled, I Met God.

For this 52-episodic Bible study, we will adopt a pre-production format versus using the classic post-production model. Our automated approach permits what has never been done before—to quickly and inexpensively create a visual Bible study in every language of the world for just 3.33% of the standard commercial expense. To illustrate, the budget for the initial production of our English-version study is 2 million dollars. That’s a 67% reduction from set industry costs!

Our new studio, with state-of-the-art production equipment, allows us to reproduce the all new I Met God series in any language with native speakers and culturally-relevant graphics for a mere 10% of the initial production cost. That’s a one-time cost of just $200,000 for any language group to own this important visual study.  Currently, The Native Outreach of the NAD is taking steps to become the first indigenous group to be inserted into our new series.

Our desire is for Bible students to leave this study in a strengthened relationship with the Lord and the confidence to shout to the world, “I met God!” Please join us in producing a visual Bible study that will bring hearts and minds face-to-face with the Almighty.