or how to make your gifts grow by 1,000%

What would you say if your investment could return, not only $10 for every dollar you invested, but could also bring thousands of souls to the love and truths of Jesus? Would you be interested in learning more? If so, read on…

When QuestLine Productions produced Thunder in the Holy Land, it became something more than just a video Bible study with Charles Byrd as the host. That’s because the Thunder Bible study series was built from the ground up so that local pastors, teachers, evangelists, church planters, and laymen could be filmed and inserted into the series as the host, replacing Charles, thus getting a whole lot more local usage out of the initial investment. To date QLP has inserted nearing 100 new hosts for less than 2% of the original production cost! That in itself is amazing but QLP went a step further. By not charging the typical one thousand dollars per finished minute in production costs QLP effectively donated over 20 million dollars to the North American Division in professional video services rendered.

Now, with your help, QuestLine Productions can do it again, but this time we are making a video Bible study series for the many languages of the world. By repeating our proven track record, we estimate that in the first 5 years we will donate to the World Church over 30 million dollars in donated services. That means your $10 investment in I MET GOD will come back to the world church in $100 of direct evangelistic outreach. Your $100 becomes $1,000 and your $10,000 becomes $100,000!

Thank you so much for joining our team by investing in this uniquely different, inspired and Spirit directed outreach that will reap not just millions in added value, but more importantly, precious souls for eternity. They’re waiting.