“Sounds ambitious!” we hear people saying about the I MET GOD a video Bible study series for the languages of the world. And yes, it certainly is! But we’ve been told that God’s work, done in God’s way, will not lack His direction and supply.

And it is when we see God’s hand moving, supplying the means, the talents, the spirit of volunteerism that we know we are on the right track, partnering with Him in His push to see a world notified of His soon return and forewarned of the ongoing judgment.

We continue to see God’s hand moving with I Met God. This God-inspired concept, a video Bible Study series for all languages, was confirmed right from the start by the support of our ministry partners.  We are forever grateful to you, our faithful donors, who helped sustain the initial groundwork for the I Met God project.  Your contributions have allowed us to start the script writing process, do necessary research, acquire some key video equipment, production software, artwork and other ramp-up preparations.

In addition, God inspired a donor in Tennessee to provide 5 acres of land for the new QLP studio which is now under construction.  This land along with, over $600,000 in donations for the project, has us moving forward in a huge way.  Building the new studio has opened the door for needed volunteers to help with the construction process.  If you have professional skills that can be used by God in this endeavor, here’s your chance!  We need help with roofing, insulation (spray foam and rock wool), rough carpentry, dry wall, and painting, as well as finish work to insure the I Met God project continues to move forward and meets our completion goal of June 1, 2023

Now, more than ever, time is short and there is a growing urgency to prepare the people of the world to meet their Creator. Imagine these same people having access to an engaging video Bible study, presented by their own people, in their own language; a study that reinforces the present truth of the three angel’s messages in the context of current events.

Again, we want to thank all our faithful supporters.  We wouldn’t be where we are right now without you.  Every donation of time, resources, or funding is vital to the success of this endeavor.  If you haven’t already, may we invite you to join the I Met God family.  How?

  • First and foremost, we covet your prayers.
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Jesus said, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.”  We are encouraged that, “All who engage in the work aright, cheerfully and hopefully, will find it a very great blessing.” ibid p. 476.  Please join us in blessing the world and hastening His soon return.  Thank you.

~  Karen Byrd