Join Charles and Karen Byrd for 13 exciting topics in the classic In Search of the Truth series. Accompany them as they visit Bethlehem and the family who purchased the Dead Sea Scrolls. Go along to Qumran, the birthplace of these ancient texts. Visit Mt. Nebo and Gehenna as they look for the “eternal fire” of hell. Get an up close look at Cairo Egypt’s great pyramids and the mask of the youthful Pharaoh as they consider the afterlife. Follow them up Mt. Carmel as they examine the gift of prophecy. And climb Mt. Sinai as they look into the eternal nature of God’s character and His law and much more.

By popular demand In Search of the Truth is now available on DVDs and comes in a convenient album along with free online lesson helps!  You can follow along with all the scriptures and lead your family or small group in insightful, heart questions after watching the 30-minute videos.  This is a dynamic and energizing way to give Bible studies, and to deepen your own walk with the Lord.

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01 The Genesis Question

02 Message in a Bottle


03 Our Final Home

04 The Ticket In


05 Crossing Over

06 Camping With God


07 A Date with the Judge

08 The Good News About Hell


09 The Spirit of Prophecy

10 Water in the Tank


11 Still in Stone

12 The REST of the Story


13 The US in Bible Prophecy