What is “Thunder”?

Thunder in the Holy Land is an all new, from the ground-up, HD video Bible study series with a bit of the look and feel of a National Geographic Special or a Discovery Channel program with on location "reporters" in the Middle East.

It is unique because for the first time in denominational history, local pastors will be able to replace the host of the program, thus becoming "media" pastors in their own right.  They can then use this series to place themselves and the clear teachings of Jesus on local media outlets.  But more importantly, they can use this series to equip their members to become effective soul winners.  The core or kernel of this new series is a method of follow through interaction that has garnered this approach an amazing track record.  Eighty to ninety percent of those who started the pilot series finished and seventy to eighty percent made a commitment for Christ and were still in the church a year later.

QuestLine Productions (QLP), in cooperation with 3ABN and Kentucky-Tennessee Conference is leading out in the production of Thunder in the Holy Land.  This new series will not only be enjoyable to watch but will be a powerful tool in hastening Christ’s soon return.

With the sustained help of many donors and volunteers QLP was in Israel from May 17 through October 3, of 2011 shooting the core of this new series.  QLP is now back in the States continuing to shoot and edit the new programs for Thunder in the Holy Land.

We are continuing to blog about the production of this new series like we did while in the Middle East and we hope many of you will check in often to see the new pictures, and read the stories of how God is leading and blessing.



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